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We are excited for you to experience the powerful benefits of Young Living with the help of this website!  +OILS is an exclusive health and wellness community. With a serving heart, we created this site to be your one-stop resource for high quality support, education, and inspiration. 


Access to this website is an incentive for enrolling with our Young Living distributors.  Explore the WELLNESS and OPPORTUNITY resources to learn more about Young Living and essential oils.  Visit the blog regularly to stay updated.  If there is a new topic you want to learn, submit a request





You are part of +OILS because the person who referred you to Young Living is already a member of +OILS.  As a member, you agree to only share the website password with members you personally refer and enroll with Young Living. 


Remember to provide the site password to members you enroll  so they can be part of the  +OILS community too!

If you forgot the password or have any questions, email

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